Topless Sandals

… they stick like magic

· Wear them in the house

· Wear them in the yard

· Wear them in the car

· Wear them to the spa

· Wear them to shop

· Wear them to parties

No tan lines No hot feet No blisters • Show off your pretty feet

Just step on …

the sandal sticks to your foot.

Topless Sandals are made with a neoprene base and fabric top for comfort. The patented skin adhesive allows the sandals to stick to the bottom of clean feet without a sticky residue.

Topless Sandals look just like standard flip-flops but there’s —

                          NO strap between your toes

              No clacking noise when you walk.

When the adhesive stops bonding well, or when the sandals get dirty, a soap and water scrub will clean them right up. Letting them dry well in a warm area rejuvenates the glue and the shoe comes right back to its original state.



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